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Engelbert's Jewelers, Inc.

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Ask Sarah

Q: How many stores does Engelbert’s Jewelers have?

A: We have two locations, one in Downtown Rome and one in the New Hartford Shopping Center.

Q: Does your store have layaway or financing available?

A: We offer layaway and financing. Engelbert’s financing is through GE money and we have several choices to choose from, from 12 months same as cash to 36 months with a fixed payment.

Q: Does your store do repairs and how long does it take?

A: Yes, we do quality repairs. They take 10 days to 3 weeks depending on the repair.

Q: Should I have my fine jewelry appraised or insured?

A: Engelbert's always suggests that you insure your jewelry. We offer information for Jewelers Mutual who is the same company that insures the store. In order to have the jewelry insured the items have to have an appraisal which is free for any item purchased at Engelbert's. For items that are not purchased from us we charge $85.00 for the first item and $45.00 for each additional piece.

Q: Do you offer gift-wrapping?

A: We offer free gift wrapping and delivery within our city limits.

Q: I want to have something custom made. Do you design jewelry?

A: All of the sales associates are very capable of designing jewelry. They all can take the time to go over all of our mountings books to help the customer to pick out a new design. If the customer can't find what they are looking for we can have one of our vendors design something just for the customer.

Q: How can I be sure that my diamond hasn't been switched?

A: Our store has built it's reputation on trust. We take special care of all of our customers jewelry while it is in our hands. We are more than willing to write up a plot plan of the customers diamond while the customer is in our store before it is repaired or reset and we will go over that same plot plan when the diamond is ready to be picked up with the customer.

Q: Why are two 1.00 carat diamonds two different prices?

A: Diamonds are priced using the 4c's: cut, color clarity and carat weight. Two 1 ct diamonds will have different prices because of the quality of the stone. One diamond might be a G, SI2 and the other diamond will be a higher price because it is an E, VS2. Each quality will affect the price of the diamond.

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