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Welcome Guys! We're here to help

Don't have a clue?

If this is your first time for a major diamond purchase, don’t think you’re alone. If you’re growing weary of everyone telling you what to do, what to buy and how if you mess it up, you’re pretty much dead? Escape to Engelbert’s, pull up a chair and shut everyone out. We’ll help you get all the diamond education you need.

Stop by our Rome store at 256 W. Dominick Street or our store in New Hartford Shopping Center. Or submit a question to Sarah right now!

Do you need a great gift?

If you’re looking more for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion piece, here are some tips from the Engelbert’s crew. This will help you beyond the jewelry... we swear it will!

  1. Notice what she is wearing NOW. Look for patterns in her style – does she like gold or silver? Is she wearing very understated pieces or does she go for the glitzy? Does she tend to match jewelry daily to her outfit? So many clues... so much opportunity for you to become ”the man”. Is she daring and likes very unique pieces? Take notice – we’re pretty sure she won’t mind you staring at her for a little while OR complimenting her on what you see!
  2. What does she have a lot of? What could she use more of? If she has 10 bracelets and maybe 5 necklaces, let’s not make it bracelet #11 just now. Help embellish her collection with things she has few of.
  3. Have you purchased a piece before that might have another piece that goes with it? Matching sets are always handy and this route will save you a lot of anxiety at the store.
  4. Has she been hinting? Are magazines mysteriously laying out around your house with pages open to certain pieces of jewelry? Do you ever hear her say that she “so needs a new chain for her grandmother’s locket”? Listen up, guys! You might not have to make a decision at ALL!
  5. Can you be ultra creative and build her a custom piece? Think of her interests, things that are important to her, something that reminds you of the first time you met her, where she grew up, where her ancestors are from... you can do it! And you can give her something timeless.
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